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Blogely helps make it faster and easier to create CONTENT, OPTIMIZE IT, and sell ready-to-publish ARTICLES

Replace a Dozen Solutions With One Suite to Grow Your Business
  • ​​Organize your work all in one space
  • ​​​Expedite topic research
  • ​​​Write high-quality content 
  • ​Optimize content for SEO
  • Showcase your profile and professional portfolio 
  • ​Land more high-paying clients 
* Blogely Marketplace for Original Content is coming soon

Blogely Is a Single Solution
For All Your Writing & Marketing Needs

Impress your clients

By using Blogely to showcase your best work. No coding and complicated setup required. Get your professional portfolio ready in minutes.

Write high-quality content faster

By using Blogely’s powerful content creation tools. Write content from start to finish with your research notes, a built-in SEO tool, and an AI-powered plagiarism checker in your corner.

Save your time

With Blogely’s browser extension that allows you to do your research quickly and easily. No more switching back and forth between different apps. Blogely lets you get your job done faster.

Reduce unnecessary tasks

With Blogely’s easy import and export feature. You can easily import any content to your portfolio and export your content to multiple types of files in seconds.

Be a better freelance writer

By starting using Blogely today. Displaying your best work, adding your contact information, and creating high-quality content – you can do all this with Blogely.

Organize Everything in One Place

Don’t you hate it when a client asks for a similar project you’ve done earlier, but the document you need can't be found anywhere?
…Or remember the last time you needed to write the details of a product, but you can’t find the product’s picture? You feel like you’ve downloaded the picture, but it's nowhere to be found.
…And remember all those catchy headlines you’ve written – don’t you think it would be nice if you could access them quickly just to get some ideas for new copy you’re working on?
You bet, it would.

And you can do that with Blogely plus more...
Once you start using Blogely, you can finally say goodbye to manually searching through dozens of folders on your computer just to find a single file. Whether it’s a text document, graphics, or multimedia clips you can organize them inside the platform.
You can use folders, tags, types, filters, statuses to organize your work neatly and meticulously.

Stand Out & Be Remarkable!

It’s a war out there. Competition for writing jobs has grown so fierce that a single writer-wanted job posted online can pull-in dozens of replies in just a day. Faced with this over-supply of freelance writers, clients have grown extremely picky.
So, how can you ensure that you can separate yourself from the rest of the pack? Be remarkable. One way to do that is by getting your Freelancer Content Portfolio ready.

And Blogely lets you create your portfolio in 10 minutes flat. No coding or complicated set up to deal with.

Put your best work forward

Within less than five minutes, you can import all your best work to Blogely to create a portfolio that will impress your potential clients.

Use your portfolio as your digital business card

Share the link to your portfolio with your potential clients, and let them know more about you + check out some of the best work you’ve created.

One page to get to know you better

Inside your content portfolio, you can also display your contact information, your skills, your past projects, and even a compelling “about me” information to make the potential clients hire you.

Set yourself apart from the rest of the pack

A professional portfolio will help you stand out from the crowd, build trust, show your talents, and build trust with your potential clients.
Starting from topic research, automating the complex parts, and efficiently managing a library of assets, to building your content portfolio - for presenting and delivering your work with ease. 

Who do you think the client will want to do business with?  

You can create exactly like this Portfolio and Profile in a matter of minutes.

Showcasing Your Best Work
is as Easy as...

  • ​Populate your profile info (4 minutes)
  • ​ Import your best work (4 minutes or less)
  • Create and configure portfolio i.e. "My creative portfolio" (4 minutes or less)
In about 12 minutes, you can have your freelance writing portfolio done. Once it’s done, try to share it with a potential client and see for yourself how landing new clients is much easier with a portfolio.

Promoting Your Services?
Do It Like A Pro 👍

Once you have your portfolio and profile page ready with Blogely, you can do what most professional writers do to promote their writing services:

  • Add the link to your portfolio on your blog, social media, or any other platforms
  •  Send the link of your portfolio directly to a potential client
  • Use the URL of your portfolio as your email signature
  • Use a link-shortening service to shorten the URL, and add it to your business card
And of course ...

Your profile and portfolio will be visible on Blogely Marketplace*

* The release is pending

Increase Your Income With Blogely Marketplace (Coming Soon)

Blogely marketplace is where you can showcase your freshly made content to business owners looking for content.

Rather than waiting for clients to give you a job, you can create content now and put it up for sale. This is a perfect solution for people who hate sending countless pitches to your potential clients.
This is a work-in-progress that we’ll be releasing soon.
However, once it has been released, we’ll promote the marketplace to potential buyers right away.

That said, should you get started today, you can gain the advantage of being among the first sellers and build up your review page before everyone else catches up.
Blogely original content marketplace

A Stress-Free Solution

With Blogely, you don’t need to get stressed out by setting up your own website and dealing with complicated website plugins just to create a portfolio that will impress potential clients.
Coding, website maintenance, clunky plugins – you’ll never deal with any of these things.
Just a few simple clicks, and your freelance writing portfolio will be ready in minutes.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, you also don’t need to pay for…

  •   Hosting fee
  •   Domain name
  •   Web designer

More Than Just a Portfolio Builder for Freelance Writers

Focus on originality

Blogely was created with one goal in mind: provide an infrastructure to produce, manage, market, sell, buy, and distribute digital content with an exceptional focus on content originality. 

Simplify your workflow

We've developed a suite of tools to help you to become a better freelance writer. 

And more ...

Research like a pro

Rather than manually copy and paste your reference materials, you can easily collect research and use it in your writing with an easy-to-use browser extension. Save your time and do research like a pro!

Easy asset management

No more switching back and forth between your writing software and your note-taking apps. While you’re writing, your reference materials, ideas, or data points are always within your reach.

SEO optimization

If you’re also offering SEO optimized content writing service, Blogely has SEO optimizer that allows you to scan your content for specific keywords, get SEO score, and know exactly what to fix and improve.

Share & collaborate with clients

A professional portfolio will help you stand out from the crowd, show your talents, and build trust with your potential clients. Communicate with clients and prospects in your portfolio. 

Yes, it works with Grammarly! 👏

We know the real work for writers isn’t writing; it’s editing.
And we know how thousands of writers love Grammarly to save themselves (and their careers) from embarrassing grammar errors and typos.

Just install the Grammarly browser extension, and you can automatically use it to write better and make sure your content is perfect.

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Special Lifetime Deal on Freelancer Plan

Forever free
  • 5 articles (total)
  • 1 Portfolio hosting
  • 100 notes
  • 100MB storage
  • 2 Research docs (total)

Billed once. Set for life.
  • 8 articles per month
  • 1 Portfolio hosting
  • Unlimited notes
  • Unlimited storage
  • 8 Research Docs per month
  • SEO optimization

  • * Limited automations (IFTTT)
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Imagine the Possibilities

Paying $49 once is actually a bargain when you compare it with the cost of hosting, domain, and additional SEO tools that you might be using now.  You will be able to create 8 articles and Research documents every month. Optimize it for SEO and sell them directly thought your own Blogely portfolio or on Blogely marketplace.
For a limited time, you can get this Lifetime deal for just $49.
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* As a Bonus, You’ll Also Get Access To IFTTT Unlimited Automations

To make your workflow feels smoother and simpler than ever before, we’ll will be adding popular IFTTT integration.
This will allow you unlimited automations with over 600 applications. (Basic plan will be limited by number of automations)

…Obviously There’s No Risk!

Try Blogely Freelancer Lifetime Plan for 30 days and if you’re not happy, just let us know. We guarantee you’ll get all your money back with no questions asked, and no hassle.
We’re so certain you’ll love the platform. In fact, you may tell your friends about it. That’s how confident we are that Blogely will be the best tool you ever use.

Message from the founder

You do understand this is an offer for a newly released app, which means it will be removed as soon as we have enough users on the platform.
So if you’re interested, please don’t wait too long.
If you've gotten to this point, it means that you understand the tremendous value you are getting. I really want you to check out the app, use it for a few weeks, and judge for yourself if it’s worth your investment.
In case you’re not happy, just let me know, and I personally guarantee you’ll get your money back.

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